Loopring is a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol in which traders can transact crypto-assets across various blockchains without being required to surrender their private keys to the custodians of centralized exchanges (CEX). Loopring, in other words, is a non-custodial cryptographic protocol that uses smart-contract algorithms to transact crypto assets without human involvement. […]

2020 was an interesting year in cryptocurrency, especially for the king of Crypto: Bitcoin. During 2020 we saw how the value of Bitcoin increased around seven-fold, hitting a new all-time high in November. It later went on to blast through that all-time-high and set new record prices almost every day. On January […]

Rather than just another cryptocurrency, Cosmos is a network of cryptocurrencies.   Cosmos, which calls itself the “internet of blockchains,” enables transaction, communication, and consensus among various blockchain applications. In this Cosmos price prediction article, we will look at real technological constraints that necessitated the development of this cryptocurrency. Even as bitcoin is […]

January 3rd marked the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin.  Against it all, Bitcoin managed to best all circumstances and continues to intrigue and inspire millions.  It was truly a time to celebrate.  On that same day, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $35,000; indeed, another reason to bring out the champagne bottle. But […]

If you’ve become aware recently of this little thing called ‘decentralization,’ then you may have heard of the name ‘IOST’ attached to it. IOST is among the hotter blockchains out there, with a cryptocurrency to help power a decentralized Internet-of-Services ecosystem built onto a truly decentralized governance, high-throughput speeds, and great scalability. […]


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