Free Civil Service Exam Reviewer: Professional and Sub-Professional

You might be wondering how to find a free Civil Service Exam Reviewer on the internet? In this article, we have compiled some of the useful links that will help on your CSE journey. These free reviewers offer for both Professional and Sub-Professional that find topics that you need to have an in-depth study. Take note, these reviewers doe not guarantee your success in taking the exam but this could be a guide for your reviewing process.

The familiarization of the scope and coverage of the Civil Service Exam helps you a lot since both Professional and Sub-Professional have the same coverage which only differs Analogy and Logic and Spelling and Clerical Operations, respectively. In order to pass the Civil Service Exam, you need to have a final score of 80%.

The list below are some of the following links that can be found online with free Civil Service Reviewers.

List of Websites with Links of Civil Service Exam Reviewer

1. Ms. Leonalyn Mutia-Tayone

  • “Reviewer po ito at hindi leakage pero marami dito ang posibleng lalabas gaya ng dati kaya NEVER MEMORIZE the answer kundi yung paraan kung paano sagutan ng tama. Otherwise, ang akala nyo walang lumabas… pero last time, maraming lumabas sa mga collections ko… Practice! Practice! Practice! God bless!”
  • free civil service reviewer 2020 PDF

2. ACE Reviewer PDF Copy (here).

3. Exam Ally

Note: By clicking the link, you will be redirected to the MediaFire website and click the green colored Download button.

4. Team Lyqa Test-taking Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Note: There are many lessons in Team Lyqa’s Youtube Page that you should watch. The link mentioned above was from their website page.

5. Civil Service Exam PH

  • Math Questions (Link)
  • Grammar and Correct Usage (Link)
  • Sentence Completion (Link)
  • Synonym Questions (Link)
  • Reading Comprehension (Link)
  • Word Analogy (Link)
  • Logic Reasoning (Link)
  • Numerical Reasoning (Link)
  • Vocabulary Questions (Link)


  • This website is a compilation of useful math reviewers and solutions.

7. PDF Copy of RA 6713

  • An Act Establishing a Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, To Uphold the Time-Honored Principle of Public Office Being a Public Trust, Granting Incentives and Rewards for Exemplary Service, Enumerating Prohibited Acts and Transactions and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof and For Other Purposes. (Download Link)

8. Civil Service Exam Community 2020 files

9. Civil Service Exam Complete Reviewer 2020 –

10. CSE Reviewer – Download Civil Service Exam Reviewer

11. Civil Service Reviewer Compilation with Answer Key 2020

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