Knowing Facebook Algorithm For Livestreamers


Good day streamers! We all know that the algorithm of Facebook has changed a lot and in order to keep up with Facebook’s algorithm, we ask you to FOLLOW these rules if you want your page to improve.

1. We suggest that you use a dummy account for sharing your livestreams. Using your own account that is linked to your page in sharing your livestream to gaming groups lowers the algorithm of your page. As much as possible, let your viewers share your stream, but also tell them to limit the shares to a maximum of 3 per account. DO NOT SPAM SHARE MORE THAN 3.

2. If your livestream ends unexpectedly, DO NOT RELIVE. You need to wait for an amount of time equal to your last stream to do a livestream again. Avoid streaming two different games in a day with a very short interval. If you want, you may do a livestream in the morning for 4 hours, wait an interval of 4 hours, and then go live again in the evening.

3. DO NOT FORGET to enter the VIDEO GAME TAG in each of your livestreams. Livestreams without video game tags are NOT COUNTED for FB Gaming and there’s a possibility that you will be ineligible for earning star donations.

4. DO NOT PUT a video game tag that is NOT the game you are playing. Our support team shares your livestream to gaming groups which requires the appropriate video game tag. Also, there’s a chance that Facebook might temporarily ban your page from receiving stars when the game you are playing is different from your game tag. If you wish to change your game, DO NOT CHANGE IT IN ONE LIVESTREAM VIDEO. This makes your page prone to reports as spam or fraud. (refer to number 2)

5. We suggest that you have MINIMAL captions for your livestreams. Avoid putting long descriptions as this lowers your algorithm. Do not put links in your live caption— put all links in the pinned comment. Also, limit your hashtags to only a maximum of 3.

6. Facebook limits the reach of your livestreams when these “trigger words” are included in your captions. As much as you can, please avoid using these words or type in Filipino. Keywords:

• App • Buy • Comment • Coupon • Deal • Discount • Download • Follow • Free • Freebie • Giveaway • Install • Offer • Percent • Percentage • Promo • Promotion • Sale • Save • Sample • Share • Shop • Sweepstake

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