NSTP Lecture 4: Environmental Protection – Forest Protection, Conservation, and Development


This video talks about Environmental Protection specifically the Forest Protection, Conservation, and Development as well as the role of youth in environmental protection and management. #NSTP #environment #protection

First, what is a forest?

So, it comes from the latin word foris and forestis which means outdoor and open grounds, respectively.

It is also an area or community with presence of dense tree cover.

And according to the definitions of DENR Memorandum Circular 2005-05, it is a land area with more than 0.5 hectare and having more than 10% tree crown cover. Tree crown cover means the area occupied by the leaves of the tree.

According to Helms (1998), it is an ecosystem of tree cover with different species composition, structure,

age class, associated processes, and which commonly includes meadows, streams, fish, and wildlife.

We have also other terms to know that you might be encountered in your future readings. Read the definitions only…

When we talk about forest protection, conservation and development, it is the holistic management which means the inclusion of all components of the natural resources,

It is the management system that associates with the flora/fauna or the plants/animals including human being.  It is very important because we want to have benefits from forest such as environmental goods and services and also for the sustainable development not just for today but also for the next generations.

Why do we need to protect our forests?

It is simply because of the declining number of forest areas all throughout the globe.

As reported by Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO), there is a rapid rate of deforestation and leads to the decrease of primary old growth forest.

And also in the Philippine Context, it was also observed that available forest cover is declining which tends to call up the attention of the government for urgent rehabilitation.

Because of those threats brought by declining forest cover which leads to the degradation of human development. The non-government organization (NGO) like United Nations, created Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to prioritize the needs for uplifting human development. And also it was incorporated in the list of goals about the importance and role of forest and the natural environment.

So, in goal number 1, it states to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Forest comes into play which provides land productivity and provision of water to agricultural lands to produce high valued crop for consumptions.

And also forest provide environmental goods and services of which will create an avenue for income-generating livelihoods.

For Goal number 7, it states that ensure environmental sustainability.

This statement includes the importance of environmental sustainability, the aesthetic value and other environmental components that support the human development.

Forest protects the biological diversity, as well as they provide quality and quantity source of water for domestic use.

They also conserve soils, prevents flooding, serve as carbon sink which cleanses the atmosphere and protect coastal and marine resources.

Forest Protects and Conserves the Soil by supporting the continuous cycling of nutrients within the soil environment.

They reduce the surface runoff and sedimentation by holding soil and water particles.

They also provide water for other organisms by decreasing the rate of evaporation.

Forest also protects our watershed areas, this includes the rivers, lakes, drainage canals and other water bodies found in upland setting.

They collect rain water and store it underground to the aquifers.

They also support the sustainability of hydroelectric power generation for commercial and domestic purposes.

Forest also mitigates the negative impact of flooding by absorbing portions of rainwater.

The presence of forest also reduces the surrounding air temperature which can make us feel cool and refreshing other than in open area.

Forest serves as the home for wildlife which provides ecological and economic importance for human.

It is a terrestrial ecosystem that supports the interconnection of food chain and food web.

The degradation forest ecosystem leads to the declining number of wildlife and in worst, extinction of other species.

Forests also are homes of some of the indigenous people that they protect them because they considered forest as a life support system.

Forest fights pollution by trapping air pollutants in their leaves such as dusts. This action minimizes of having health problems which leads to complications and even fatality.

Forests are an also great sound insulator that minimizes noise pollution from public vehicles.

Also, they serve as carbon sink which absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere  and provide oxygen for living organisms.

Forest provides some of the remedies for common health disorders and diseases.

It is usually cheaper than the synthetic and commercialized medicines.

There are also serve as the source of ingredients in some of the synthetic medicines.

According to RA 8044, youth refers to a person with aged from 15-30 years old. They constitute a large percentage in a population. A quote says that youth are the backbone of the nation.

Youth usually live longer, they experiences some of the environmental consequences.

They are vital because they can play an active role in the protection of the environment.

How young people (us) contribute to environmental protection and management?

So, these are some of the action that we can apply every day that helps to promote environmental protection and conservation.

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