Post Shares: 223 FunFair is a decentralized gambling platform, placing casinos on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform is a secure and transparent online gaming alternative. Funfair is a centralized company which started in Singapore in 2017. They currently have offices in Malta, London, Gibraltar, Dublin, and Guernsey. FunFair uses FUN tokens, […]

Post Shares: 222 What is 0x ZRX 0x or Zero Exchange is an open-source and non-rent seeking protocol, which enables and allows the peer-to-peer exchange of Ethereum derived assets or tokens directly on the Ethereum blockchain. 0x can be described as open public infrastructure, it is not a Dapp but […]

Post Shares: 410 Qtum (pronounced Quantum), is a hybrid of both Bitcoin and Ethereum; they use Bitcoin’s value-storing properties to deploy Ethereum styled smart-contracts on their platforms.  While smart contracts are nothing new for bitcoin,  Counterparty XCP did exactly this and was released in 2014, before Ethereum, as direct competition but failed […]

Post Shares: 201 What is OmiseGO (OMG)? OmiseGo runs on the Ethereum network as such is an ERC 20 token. They ran a highly successful ICO 2017 reaching their goal of $25 million, 65% of tokens were distributed to investors, 20% retained by Omise, 10% awarded to developer team and 5% […]

Post Shares: 333 What is Bithumb Bithumb is a Korean Cryptocurrency exchange founded in Seoul, South Korea in 2013. They started as a spot exchange for the buying and selling of Bitcoin and a limited selection of cryptocurrencies. In the 2017 bull run, the exchange was the largest and highest […]

Post Shares: 744 Philam Life Insurance Company is a private limited company incorporated in 2021 by former millionaire Mark Gilkey. The company provides insurance products in various forms to cater to individual investors. It is one of the leading investment companies in Asia focusing on health, wealth, and retirement products. […]

Post Shares: 391 FWD Insurance has recently invested in IPL Financial Consultants, taking a significant stake in this prestigious financial consultancies firm which has strong international presence in Singapore and Hong Kong. However, the financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. In an official statement, IPLFA stated that the […]

Post Shares: 561 Pru Life is an integrated property and casualty insurance firm that offer insurance products around all aspects of the property and Casualty industry. They are currently active in over 120 countries around the world. The company is led by Paul G Johnson, who has been in the […]

Post Shares: 343 Manulife Insurance is a Canadian national insurance company and a leading financial services company based in Toronto, Ontario. The company operates out of Canada and in Asia mainly through its John Hancock Financial unit. This company also has branches in the United States and several international territories. […]

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