Retrieving/Activating CMU Institutional Email for Faculty Members

For those faculty members who failed to attend the Phase 1 Capability Building  Seminar Series, you may visit CMU-MIS office for your institutional email creation.

On the other hand, for Faculty who attend the seminar series and was able to fill up the Google form provided, then the institutional email address is already created, however, it needs to be retrieved. This means that you just simply follow these steps below:

  • Click sign in. (You may logout your existing Gmail and sign in using a different account or add account)
  • Enter your institutional email based on the default format provided (starts with letter “f” for the faculty, all lowercase)
  • Click Next.

Default Format:

Example 1:

  • Name of Faculty: Juan R. Pablo
  • Institutional Email:

Example 2:

  • Name of Faculty with extension: Juan R. Pablo II
  • Institutional Email:
  • Remarks: ii is added to surname

Example 3:

  • Name of Faculty with extension: Juan R. Pablo Jr.
  • Institutional Email:
  • Remarks: jr is added to surname

Example 4:

  • Name of Faculty with 2 to 3 first names: Juan Pedro Markos R. Pablo
  • Institutional Email:
  • Remarks: only 2 first names will be added, the third will be disregard

Example 5:

  • Name of Faculty with a dash (-): Juan R. Ani-on
  • Institutional Email:
  • Remarks: dash sign (-) will be disregarded

Example 6:

  • Name of Faculty with “enye” (ñ): Juan R. Baños
  • Institutional Email:
  • Remarks: enye (ñ) will be changed to n

After you have formatted your institutional email you may continue the following:

  • Enter your password. The default password for faculty institutional email is 12345678.
  • Click the “I Agree” option.
  • You will be directed to your new Gmail Inbox using your institutional email.

Do you have friends or classmates in CMU that suffer in retrieving their new institutional email? Share this article by hitting the share button. This will help them access their new institutional email and able to join and create Google Classroom.

Retrieving/Activating CMU Institutional Email for Officially Enrolled Students

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