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Silviculture 1 Quiz

Try the Silviculture 1 Pre-Test Just For Fun Only.

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Farmers Developed Nursery is to Extension of extension nursery.

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Central Nursery is to Temporary Forest Nursery.

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Forest Nurseries will produce favorable environments for planting stocks.

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It is also called the Central Nursery.

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Farmers Developed Nursery is to Extension Nursery

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Sowing seed and/or rooting cuttings is part of operations in Forest Nursery.

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Forest Nursery is an area where young forest trees and live stocks are grown for commercialization.

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Forest Nurseries need to have reliable sources of clean water and of materials for making good soil mixes.

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Forest Nurseries protect the young trees from stress, damage and loss.

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It is preferably used in social and community forestry programs.

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