Tutorial! Retrieving your CMU Institutional Email for Google Classroom: Faculty and Students

Due to the widespread health crisis today, the day-to-day life routine changes and it affects almost all frontline services. Nowadays, everybody is battling to adapt the so called “new normal” into the normal way of living. This includes the pedagogical approach in delivering learning and education among students.

The face-to-face classroom learning strategies abruptly shift to online class. This has been a challenge but it doesn’t stop the eagerness of learners to learn in this new and unusual delivery of information. Online learning management system plays a vital role as an alternative to face-to-face teaching mode.

Google Classroom is one of the online learning management system that can be use freely by everyone with access of smart devices and internet. It allows the student to have instant feedback and gives the teacher fast, reliable and timely instructions.

Importance of using Institutional Email

  • Institutional emails are recommended for the utilization of Google Classroom.
  • The institutional email accounts were assigned to every faculty and student that will be used for communication, course announcements, requirements, and among others.
  •  It will also serve as the official email addresses of the faculties and students, to facilitate and monitor online/offline interaction.
  • In addition, it helps to avoid unwanted, fake and spam accounts since it is manually verified by the Management Information System (MIS) for real faculty members and enrolled students as well.

In this article, it will show you on how to retrieve your CMU institutional email for Google Classroom for faculty and students as well as the formats of emails and default passwords.

Click the link below:

Retrieving/Activating CMU Institutional Email for Faculty Members

Retrieving/Activating CMU Institutional Email for Officially Enrolled Students

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