Ways to help you improve with your streaming career and be a better influencer!


Before streaming you should start by asking questions to yourself. What are these?

  • What will I wear? What should I look like in front of my audience?
  • What content should I do? and What topic should I discuss with my audience?
  • What game should I play?
  • What can I provide or give to my viewers?
  • How can I maintain my viewers?

Once everything has been answered it means you are all ready and prepared to start your stream.

We require you to enhance or modify your streams by doing the following:

  • Webcam must be placed in a spot where viewers can clearly see your whole face (middle)
  • Interactions such as welcoming your viewers, funny trivia or real-life trivia, shout-outs, fan signs (female streamers) are a must while streaming. (Must have at least 15-20 mins of intro before playing – interact first and gain viewers first)
  • Have a particular schedule for your live streams
  • Have a particular game to play (1 or 2 games is okay)
  • Sending of weekly insights is a must, for us to know where we can improve when it comes to your streams
  • Budget for giveaways and paid ads if possible and needed
  • Komika Esports and other sponsors/brand logos must be visible at all times when you stream in transition
  • Do collaboration with co-streamers

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